Hi-Vis Household Objects

Following the Hi-Vis enhancement of the clock, what household objects merit a makeover? Let us consider the headaches that follow from flushing things that ought not be flushed. We can control what we flush, but what about guests however infrequent they may be:

Bathroom trash can painted in fluorescent safety orange

I present the Hi-Vis bathroom trash can. This started as a white trash can, so unlike the clock I judged primer to be unnecessary. Given the humid environment it would be residing in, it did receive a clear coat to seal the gloriously fluorescent orange pigment.

What other household objects ought to get the Hi-Vis treatment?

An Upcyling Case Study: A Higher Visibility Clock

The desire for a wall clock was born from the opportunity to reduce the friction required to know approximately what time it is. High precision time is consistently available on the many screens, but the screens carry with them far more then merely the time. Interacting with the screen can bring friction as mental associations to other tools the screen offers may gum up the mind. What sense does it make to interrupt a precious activity that does not involve screens with a screen just to keep somewhat oriented to the time?

This wasn’t a high priority search. I set some requirements: Continue reading “An Upcyling Case Study: A Higher Visibility Clock”