Re-Planting Ghidora’s Garden

Ghidora in the Snake Plant gardenHaving recently come into what seems to be enduring nicotine cessation, the results of cleaning endure far longer, and Ye Olde Snakeplant’s job of cleaning the air loses its prior futility. As the detoxification progressed, the purifying fire of righteous simplification allowed addressing the health and appearance of the snake plant I picked up at the feria many years ago.

Observing the thick layer of dust caking the leaves, it was time to give the snake plant a haircut. Also becoming urgent was the bulging, distended pot struggling to contain the roots.

Indeed, the plant was still living in the original pot from which I conveyed it home from the feria. Only half-full of potting mix it wasn’t even planted as well in its pot as it could have been. And I, a sinner allowed this shameful state to persist for years!

The last pre-renovation occurrence of Ghidora’s Garden. The lack of photos between this and the completion of the renovation is my fault.
Jesus Christ! Please forgive me, a sinner.

The first round of maintenance was trimming all but the healthiest upper growth from the plant or plant. At this point, I was not sure if there was more than one root system in the pot.

After giving it a couple weeks to make sure there was growth to ensure things were growing, I was ready to take the next step. The standard I used for growing was growth sufficiently vigorous to impress me without keeping a photographic record for comparison. Yes, I did invent that standard just now to describe the actuality that passed in retrospect.

Setting up this online notebook is in part an attempt to address my failings in personal record keeping. Not keeping a running journal has been a handicap. Keeping this part of the journal public helps me to read my notes without injecting any friction an all between my eyes and my own notes. No login, no password, for any notes that are safe for public consumption there seems to be little actual disadvantage in defaulting to privacy. Society has taken such an anti-social turn that it doesn’t hurt to have a public repository of conversation starters.

The grounds of Ghidora's garden

Anyways it turns out there were two distinct root balls. They pay have been one in the past, but the presence of thick tubers rhizomes made distinguishing between two separate clonal grass clump beings.

Much of the rhizome was discarded as I gave the clones individuality. For doing this, I must ensure I partake in sufficient care to ensure their survival without their once shared energy store. Individuation comes with costs, and it introduces inefficiencies necessary to individuation definitionally.

Thusly Ghidorha’s garden was transformed from two big plants in one small pot to become six smaller plants in a far larger pot. It is art that through Grace has sparked a devotional habit of being inspired by the truth that “Christ, not Ghidora is King” and… Everything I have recently been digesting about Mainline Christianity suggests that this phenomenon has made Ghidora’s Garden a piece of personal devotional art in a way that is not problematic by any Mainline Christian standard.

Ghidora’s Jungle Garden has the following properties:

  • None of the events leading to its creation nor its current form was primarily driven by any intent of mine other than to have a plant.
  • The inspired words “Christ, not Ghidorah is king” is an organic coalescing of ideas that are in me, but not of me.
  • The Orthodox have a tradition of “Fools for Christ”, the possibility sharing this phenomenon that promotes Christ-mindedness in me helps someone else is worth the risk that I may be judged a fool for sharing.
  • No acceptance is required due to the personal nature of this devotional art.

There is exactly one belief involved:

  • Christ is our king, and through Christ we are saved.

Challenging this belief is an idea created by people involved in creating fiction, and among the best in all of history at doing so. Professional suspenders of disbelief through artful deceit invented a charter named “Ghidora” with the following qualities:

  • Ghidora is a dragon
  • They title this dragon as “King” Ghidora
  • Ghidora malevolent, and the greatest threat to humanity in any setting the writers place him.
  • Ghidora is fictional.

And so in the Garden is the silly dinosaur statue that I call Ghidora. However small, silly, and non-threatening the tiny dinosaur statue is to me, Ghidora is still so much less than Jesus. The greatest terror inside of a Genre of Great terrors conceived by imagineers spinning fiction with their humanity as their sole constraint cannot imagine a terror as strong as our Christ.

Once again:

Christ, not Ghidora is King.

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