Embrace the Post-Apocalyptic Mindset for Mental and Spiritual Resilience

Map of an ongoing, man made disaster zoneAre we living a post-apocalypse as established by popular media of recent decades? How can we use the media we consumed in the past to find peace within ourselves as peace in the world around us appears increasingly scarce?

Tensions between the US and the Eurasian superpowers of Russia and China appear to be at least as high as they were during the cold war as thousands of lives are being lost in wars around the globe.

The recent handling of the “Tower 22” incident and conflicting reports on whether Arizona National Guard members became casualties in Syria or Jordan highlight the extent to which the narrative being reported is itself a battleground.

Must we wait until after radioactive ash falls from the sky before considering ourselves survivors? Must we wait until today’s proxy wars evolve into open conflict between superpowers before we recognize that we are living in a world at war? The great empires of today are acutely re-ordering their ranks, with the former hegemony of the US appearing to violently lash out as a multipolarity of the sort that was the pre-information age norm emerges again.

Consider these points

  • Scarcity of Resources: In our world, essential resources like food, clean water, and fuel appear to becoming increasingly weaponized. The destruction of Nord Stream and the blockade of Gaza are only two recent examples of scarcity being weaponized.
  • Environmental Devastation: The AMERICACORE genre of “brainrot” content highlights many environmental Rubicons that have been crossed. Carbon wank makes a less dismal point for “respectable” environmentalists to talk about than unfixable damage wrought by microplastics and Teflon(tm)(r).
  • Isolation and Fragmentation: When is the last time you experienced an overwhelming feeling of social cohesion in your community? Was it COVID? The aftermath of 9/11?
  • Lack of Governance: The collapse of governments and institutions could result in a power vacuum, leaving regions without effective governance. This might lead to the rise of makeshift or tyrannical rule in different areas.
  • Abandoned Urban Centers: Nightlife in most cities has collapsed. In much of North America, commercial centers of even recent construction have fallen into ruin. Twin cost of living and addiction crises fuel homelessness and sorrow.
  • One point in which the United States in particular stands out in the world is in the health decline of its population. Most measurable health outcomes in the US are declining and have been for decades. Most North Americans are enjoying shorter lives while suffering greater disease burdens than their ancestors. Despite world-leading spending on healthcare, the decline in health outcomes accelerates. Conversations around the state of the US healthcare system more closely resemble those of a fallen church in dire need of reformation than any sort of outcome oriented enterprise.

By accepting our place as survivors in a fallen world, we can sincerely hold the challenges we face in our lives to a perspective that offers calm by being congruent. Don’t live in anxiety waiting for the big disaster, live in promise as a survivor of the big disaster that has already fallen.

Cloudy sky in the rain

Editor’s note: An abbreviated version of this text is available as a TikTok brainrot video for my social media using Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

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