31 January 2024

Quote of the day

Either America will destroy ignorance or ignorance will destroy the United States

– W.E.B. Du Bois

This day in history

  • 36 BC, Antonia the Younger born. Antonia was the niece, mother, and grandmother of Emperors.
  • 1208 AD, Prince Eric defeats King Sverker II to become King Eric X of Sweden.
  • 1747 AD, First clinic specializing in sexually transmitted diseases established at London Lock Hospital.
  • 1928 AD, Trotsky exiled to Almaty.
  • 1950 AD, Truman escalates arms race by ordering development of thermonuclear weapons.
  • 2018 AD, A blue moon and total lunar eclipse occurred together.

Current Events

Reports are circulating that Japanese firm Canon is attempting to commercialize a semiconductor manufacturing process to compete with ASML’s lithography equipment monopoly. Canon is targeting 5nm nodes this year produced via stamping wafers. This may end up being one of the most disruptive hardware manufacturing innovations to emerge from Japan since the 1990sin the context of ASML’s functional near monopoly.

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