29 January 2024

Quote of the day

Walking is the best exercise for those who are able to bear it; riding for those who arenot. The open air, when the weather is fair, contributes much to the benefit of exercise.

– John Wesley, PRIMITIVE PHYSIC, 4th edition 1847

This day in history

  • 757 AD, General An Lushan killed by his own son in the course of rebellion against the Tang Dynasty. The Tang were aided in defeating the rebellion by Bactrian Christians and Buddhists including Yisi of Balkh. These contributions are among those recorded on the Jingjiao Stele (pdf).
  • 1886 AD, Karl Benz patents first gasoline automobile.
  • 1891 AD, Lydia Liliʻu Loloku Walania Kamakaʻeha becomes Queen Regent of the Hawaiian Kingdom.
  • 1996 AD, Jacques Chirac announces the end of French nuclear weapons testing.

Current Events

  • More than 30 US military casualties, including three deaths, are alleged to have happened in Jordan following a drone attack.

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