28 January 2024


  • Feast of Thomas Aquinas

This day in history

  • 814 AD, Louis succeeds his father Charlemagne to become the second Holy Roman Emperor.
  • 1547 AD, A nine year old succeeds Henry VIII as King of England.
  • 1591 AD, Agnes Sampson executed for witchcraft in Edinburgh.
  • 1671 AD, Welsh privateer Henry Morgan sacks Panama City leaving what is now Panamá la Vieja in ruins.
  • 1896 AD, Walter Arnold of Kent receives the first conviction for speeding and is fined 1 shilling. Arnold violated the 2mph (3.2 kmph) speed limit by traveling at 8mph (13 kmph), quadruple the speed limit.
  • 1986 AD, Space Shuttle Challenger disintegrates moments after liftoff.

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