24 January 2024

Thought for today

  • One of the ugliest paradoxes is that the more you have, the more prone you are to want while being still more vulnerable to loss. There may be a level of material necessity to sustain survival, but in the human there is a void of necessity that the material can not fill alone

This day in history

  • 41 AD, Emperor Caligula is assassinated.
  • 76 AD, Future Emperor Hadrian Born.
  • 1438 AD, Pope Eugene IV suspended by the Council of Basel.
  • 1679 AD, Charles II of England dissolves Cavalier parliament.
  • 1835 AD, Ramadan Revolt, Muslim slaves revolt in Salvador da Bahia. This leads to a discussion on viability of the Empire of Brasil’s continued participation in the Atlantic Slave trade. Isabel, Princess Imperial of Brazil ended the discussion in 1888 by finalizing the termination of slavery in the Empire.
  • 1859 AD, Moldavia and Wallachia unite under Alexandru Ioan Cuza.
  • 1972 AD, Holdout Sargent Shoichi Yokoi of the Empire of Japan is located in Guam.

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