23 January 2024

Fun Fact

Roasting tea leaves leads to caffeine vaporizing. As the vaporized caffeine cools it will condense into deposits containing crystals of pure caffeine on surfaces including the ceiling of the tea roastery.

Today in History

  • 393 AD, Flavius Honorius declared co-emperor of Constantinople at the age of 10.
  • 971 AD, Crossbowmen of the Song Dynasty defeat a Han war elephant force at Shao.
  • 1570 AD, Earl James Stewart of Moray, regent for the infant King becomes the first recorded political assassination by firearm.
  • 1579 AD, Union of Utrecht signed creating a Protestant Dutch republic independent of the Spanish Hapsburgs.
  • 1719 AD, Principality of Liechtenstein founded in Hapsburg Holy Roman Empire.
  • 1795 AD, 14 Dutch ships and 850 naval guns captured by French cavalry in rare clash between mounted and naval forces.
  • 1912 AD, First Opium convention signed at the Hague creating an international regime intended to control narcotics exports.
  • 1998 AD, Netscape announces Mozilla and its intended opening of the Communicator code base.

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