22 January 2024

This Day in History

  • 30 AD, John the Baptist executed.
  • 613 AD, Constantine III crowned co-emperor at the age of 8 months old.
  • 1506 AD, The Swiss Guard entered Rome under the command of Kaspar von Silenen founding the still active Papal Guard.
  • 1879 AD, Zulus defeat British Empire in Battle of Isandlwana.
  • 1879 AD, Zulus defeated by British Empire in Battle of Rorke’s Drift.
  • 1917 AD, Wilson brings US into the conflict that would eventually be referred to as World War One.
  • 2006 AD, Evo Morales inaugurated as Bolivia’s first indigenous president.

Current Events

  • Florida Governor Ronald Dion DeSantis has left the competition for the GOP nomination presidential nomination endorsing former president Trump in his exit.
  • Alabama sophomore Nick Dunlap becomes the first amateur to win a PGA tour event since Phil Mickelson in 1991.
  • Th rebuilding Saint Louis Cardinals have signed Matt Carpenter to a 1-year deal. Carpenter made his professional debut for the Cardinals in 2011, and in his first appearance of the 2012 season on April 15th he drove in five runs with a home run and a triple contributing to a 10-3 Cardinals win over the Chicago Cubs.

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