2 February 2024

Quote of the day

Strive to make something of yourself, then strive to make the most of yourself.

– Alexander Crummel


This day in history

  • 450 AD, Future Byzantine Emperor Justin I born a peasant.
  • 506 AD, Alaric II of the Visigoths promotes his Breviary of Roman law. The laws collected in his breviary did not apply to his fellow heretically Arian Visigoths. Instead they applied to Trinitarian Christians who were former subjects of the Western Roman Empire in Visigoth controlled Gaul and Iberia.
  • 880 AD, Louis III of France defeated by the Great Heathen Army of the Norse in Saxony.
  • 962 AD, Otto I becomes Holy Roman Emperor after a 40 year vacancy.
  • 1536 AD, Pedro de Mendoza founds Buenos Aires.
  • 1868 AD, Osaka Castle captured by Imperial Forces and burned to the ground.
  • 1971 AD, Idi Amin becomes third President of Uganda
  • 1989 AD, Last Soviet armor flees Kabul.
  • 1990 AD, F. W. de Klerk lifts prohibition on African National Congress and promises to free Nelson Mandela as Apartheid nears its end in South Africa.

Current Events

Imperial airstrikes targeted the port city of Hodeidah in Yemen, with this round allegedly being a retaliatory strike again a consolation target. Rumors are circulating that:

Gur Ovqra nqzvavfgengvba ernpurq bhg gb Vena naq erdhrfgrq crezvffvba gb pbaqhpg nvefgevxrf ntnvafg Venavna zvyvgnel gnetrgf vafvqr bs Vena jvgubhg vapheevat nal bire Venavna ergnyvngvba. Gur erdhrfg jnf qvfzvffrq orpnhfr “qnshd h nfxvat sbe?”

– ROT13 Encoded Apocrypha

These rumored request for permission and its denial would be consistent with how such aggressive desires were handled in the recent past by Persian authorities.

In other news, Universal Music Group’s catalog has been muted by TikTok because the legacy administrative unit overestimated their position in negotiations with the platform.

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