16 January 2024

Today in History

  • 27 BC, Octavianus titled Augustus by the Senate thereby becoming the first Roman Emperor
  • 1909 AD, Ernest Shackleton and company locate the magnetic South Pole in Antarctica.

In the Present

  • El Banco Central de la Rep├║blica Argentina hopes to offer banknotes valued at 10,000 and 20,000 pesos Argentinos to the Public beginning in June.
  • Russian State media reports that Iran has conducted ballistic missile strikes on targets in Iraq and Syria allegedly affiliated with ISIS and the Mossad.
  • Former US President Donald Trump wins the Iowa GOP Primary to open the 2024 US electoral season.

Unresolved Threads

  • 102 days have passed since Israel’s assault on Gaza began per Qatar’s Al Jazeera.
  • Hostilities continue after the US and UK struck Yemen’s Ansar Allah.
  • Peace in our time remains elusive, even as current year has recently climbed to 2024.

One thought on “16 January 2024

  1. This layout has a lot of decorative hyphens. Were hyphens even a part of Imperial Orthography? Is the Roman Empire thought a day meme going to play out here?

    More positivity needed in these notes, is war the only thing happening! Upbeat, inspirational, stories!

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